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We are starting our journey at PartyPoker – FAQ

We are starting our journey at PartyPoker – FAQ

Many of you want to create an account over at PartyPoker, but you are not certain how to do it correctly to enjoy all the benefits and bonuses available exclusively to our players. In emails and messages that we get from you there are many questions about the basics, so we decided to put all of them in one place to make your life  easier.

Creating an account

  • What shuld I do to get all the fantastic bonuses?

If you have never played at PartyPoker, create na account using this link and make a deposit that will activate your ACCOUNT. Make sure that while you register there is a code “PGCOM” there.

If you have an existing account at PP then write to us at PokerGround fanpage – we will see what we can do to help you.

  • How to create the PartyPoker account correctly?
  1. For starters it would be best to clear your search engine from “cookies”.
  2. Click THIS link. Make sure you see the code PGCOM while registering.
  3. You give your personal data in PartyPoker software client. Don't do it on th website or you will get an error message while chosing an option from state list.
  4. Make a deposit and get ready to play!

The video below should help you with all the steps:

  • When I give the personal data and try to chose something from “state” list there is nothing I can do and the system won't let me go anyfurther.

We are fully aware of the problem. You will have no trouble with it if you provide your personal data in PartyPoker software instead. Do not try it at the website.

Maximum 40% rakeback for the first month you play

Before we offered $20 for free. Now it's entirely up to you how much you will earn in your first month at PartyPoker. We have prepared 40% RB, which will be transferred to you no matter how many points you collect.

Collecting points – Hold'em Manager 2/PokerTracker 4, Playstation 4 system

  • Do I have to register anywhere to get my HM2/PT4/PS4?

No. Just remember you have 6 months upon creating your account to do that.

  • How many points do I need to collect my reward?

Article about HM2/PT4. 

Article about PS4.

  • Can I use the collected points while racing for the prizes above?

Of course. The points are at your disposal and you can use them freely in PartyPoker shop to buy cash or tournament tickets. Once you collect the necessary points follow the instructions from the articles to get what's yours.

Additional rakeback from PokerGround

If you are a regular player and want to get extra rakeback from PokerGround, then email us right away at [email protected] or check the extra rakeback article.

Players who rake a few thousand dollars monthly get special terms!

Reload Bonus

  • Can I use the reload bonus?

Reload bonus can be used by ANY player who has had an account at PartyPoker created via our link and now decided to go back to playing at PartyPoker.

  • How do I apply for the reload bonus?

Send us an email. This article will tell you what information you will have to provide us with.

  • How long till I get my reload bonus?

Formalities usually take 24 hours. The video below should help you a bit:


  • I can't see a tournament in the lobby.

Tournaments which are promoted by us are only wisible to those who have an active account at PartyPoker. It means they have at least once deposited the minimum of $10 in the past (might have been more). It does not have to be an account created via PokerGround link.

From time to time however we organise special tournaments in which you can for instance win packages to live poker festivals – for our players ONLY, and these events require a PartyPoker account created through our link. This is always emphasized in promotional articles. Just one more rason to create an account at PartyPoker via PG.

  • How can I join freerolls at PartyPoker?

Most events that you can find in “Restricted” tab are organised for closed communities and you need to belong to this group to know the password. PokerGround does not have passwords to these events.

  • Can I play at PartyPoker using HUD?

Yes. You can use HUD both on cash tables and in poker tournaments.

In MTT, SnG Hero and Fast Forward games everything works normally (hands are displayed normally), but at regular cash tables HUD displays only stats from a given session, because hands are saved in database in “Player1, Player2” format.

This solution was introduced a few months ago by PartyPoker to limit bumhunting (hunting for weak players). Some players had database with millions of hands and special programmes that sat them at the table whenever a recreational player appeared. That was not good for poker ecosystem.

  • Can I change my nickname (name that is displayed next to your avatar when you sit at the tables)?

You can do it ONLY ONCE. Just follow the instructon from the video below:

  • What is the fastest way to contact support at PartyPoker?

The fastest method to get in touch with support is through live chat. You can find it here.

  • I wrote an email/called to PartyPoker and there has been no response.

If you have tried to contact support in another language then you might have had some delay issues. Recommended option is to try English live chat. Surely it is the fastest way to contact the operator.

If the answers above have not solved your doubts feel free to contact us at our fanpage on Facebook.

If you think there is something missing from the article – write to us and we will make un update immediatelly.

Good luck with your PartyPoker adventure!


New players who create an account at PartyPoker – using this link – can enjoy all the privileges:

Answers to most questions on how to create an account can be found here, in the article. Check also how to build a solid bankroll at PartyPoker.