Playing at PartyPoker is something you can always go back to. If you have ever created an account there via PokerGroud, we invite you to get back and try unique Reload Bonus, that will give you 100% of up to $500 and other profits and advantages described in the article.


What would you say to RELOAD BONUS of 100% up to $500, that gives you EXTRA 25% rakeback?

The key word in the above sentence is EXTRA, because it's really 25% rakeback added to what our players already have over at PartyPoker (licences for PT and HM2PlayStation 4, bonuses for points, rake races, cash for referring new players and others), thanks to the deal offered by PokerGround. It means that now your rakeback will be well OVER 50%.

We feel confident with this offer at PartyPoker so chose the best there is! Check the rules, write to us saying that you wanna come back to the room and tomorrow you may be playing there using the special offer available for our players ONLY.


  • The RELOAD BONUS offer is aimed at players who have active accounts at PartyPoker and created them via PokerGround link. (If you don't meet this requirement write to us, we will help you at [email protected])
  • The account MUST be inactive for some time (1 month +, the more the better) .
  • There can be no money in the account.
  • To use the RELOAD BONUS, each player must write to us at: [email protected]
  • The subject of the message should be: RELOAD – „your nickname at PartyPoker”.
  • The message ought to state it clearly that a given person wants to return PartyPoker through PokerGround.
  • Formalities will be taken care of by us in one working day.
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