Macau casinos hold little appeal for Hong Kong citizens these days, at least, according to recent statistics. The number of visitors to Macau might have risen 7.5% in 2014 but the number of those who come from Hong Kong fell by 5%. Hong Kong visitor numbers peaked in 2011 and it was more than 7m, but last year it fell to 6.43 million.

japanese girlMaria Helena de Senna Fernandes from Macao Tourist Office believes the thrill of the novelty is wearing off for Hong Kong’s high rollers. “They had fresh interests in coming to Macau a few years ago when many big casinos were opened” but now the same tourists are wondering “what can attract them here.”

Some enterprising women have decided to move to Macau with a dose of new attractions for some of the customers. The Shukan Taishu journal reported that many Japanese adult video actresses regularly travel to Macau to offer wealthy Chinese businessmen the chance to sleep with the girl of their dreams.

A source told the newspaper that Japanese stars are set up in five-star hotels. There they stay for a ten days time, during which the girls are expected to service five clients daily. For this, they receive from 4000$ to 17000$, with bonuses paid if there is a three-way.

Prostitution is nothing new in Macau, as evidenced by the recent bust of Stanley Ho’s niece. The Shukan Taishu’s source said on average, blonde Russian girls cost the most while Asian girls are not so expensive. But Japanese adult movies stars “are different, they are extraordinary.”

Japanese porn is immensely popular in China and rich businessmen “come to Macau with the intention of sleeping with the girls.” One star said she had a rich client from Beijing who brought along his collection of DVDs with the actress so that he could recreate certain scenes.



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