What is the best, easiest way to deal with frustrated players who are simply speaking rude and impolite to dealers? How should you react as a fellow player at the table?

Such a question was sent to “CardPlayer” magazine by one of the readers. An experienced female dealer decided to answer that. There is one simple solution – call the floorman. This rule applies both to players and dealers. “The basic rule is that when something strange is happening you have the right to call the floorman to check it out” – we read in the article. One very good reason to do that is it makes the floorman the bad guy.

Dealers cannot take sides when something starts happening at the table. “They must remain unbiased. Floorman's job is to decide what to do no matter who gets angry because of the ruling” – says the dealer.

Financial aspects also dictate to do so. If the floorman is the bad cop, then the dealer can still hope for tips and he is not on anyone's side. Good dealer tries however to call the floorman as seldom as possible.

How can you help as a player?

Let's get back to the basic question – what can you do as a player when someone at the table insults the dealer? “Players should never become a defense line for the dealer. They are in the room or casino to have fun, win money and enjoy the game.

No one should expect that they will be managing the table, put frustrated people back in line and remind dealer what to do next. Good dealers can multitask and they also make it look easy. They know that when a player loses an important hand and gets eliminated it causes tilt, which is not a crime, but it can lead to aggression”.

Tilt is not an excuse to offend anybody. The author of “CardPlayer” article writes that: “The only thing that tilts me is lack of politeness, being rude”. When somebody starts pushing it we just call the floorman. The problem is that floorman may not always be on the dealer's side, but that's at least fair to the game.

“If you want to help dealer you as a player can also call the floorman. If it does not help, call another one. Never get into arguments with a frustrated player because you may be kicked out with him. Do not let any conflict escalate – this is the key. Let the floorman do his job, but also show the dealer that you appreciate his work” – she sums up.

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