One of the best German poker players decided to speak his mind about the mental aspects of playing poker and his opinion can surprise you.

The success of both “The Mental Game of Poker” books shows that mental game is important when we play poker. Jared Tendler, the author of the publications has been working with over 400 players over the years helping them realize their full psychological potential and he even helped to create some WSOP Main Event finalists.

Not all players treat the mental game so seriously. One of them is Dominik Nitsche. 28-year old player with four WSOP titles, and live winnings worth $16.66 million. He can also boast $4.61 million he won in online events.

German poker player is just like Doug Polk a big supporter of GTO. He thinks that only players who get to know it perfectly will survive in the future in high rollers.

Is mental game overestimated?

Nitsche emphasizes he intends to play like a poker bot. In an interview for CalvinAyre he said: “We all know there are solvers, which are stronger than a human mind. I have spent a lot of time learning with their help. I also noticed more and more players play this way in High Rollers. This statement means Nitsche puts aside all aspects of poker that were characteristic for so called old school of poker. One of them is definitely the issue of poker mindset.

Dominik also explained how he is working on his game: “I do not work at all on improbing my poker mindset. I just sit and play poker, always giving 100%. My goal is to learn poker away from the table to always know what the best possible option is within a few seconds”.

Do we need any mindset when we play like a bot? “I think that mental game is a highly overestimated aspect of poker. The attention people pay to it shows how little they know about the game or how poorly they understand how it really works” – he adds.

Like a computer

According to German pro it all boils down to learning the theory and applying concepts in practice. “70 percent of the time should be spent on learning the theory and 30% on playing. At the moment I focus mostly on high rollers. I study the game to make better decisions and be faster. I also play online cash games but only because I want to face the best players in the world. I thiknk it's part of the game” – says Nitsche.

Are you curious who makes a role model for Dominik: “My idol? It's Libratus! [you can read more about the computer here]. Not joking. My goal is to play like it does. As for people I am inspired by Fedor Holz and Steffen Sontheimer. I always ask them about my absurd bluffs with overbets”.

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