PartyPoker proves better than its competitors yet again! The operator has launched VIP Diamond Club, members of which will get 50% rakeback and many other bonuses. Be sure to check the details.

Diamond Club: offer from PartyPoker for high volume players

To qualify to the Diamond Club, you have to collect 100,000 points* – which means $100,000 in commission paid –  in 12 months. The faster you do it, the sooner you will start enjoying all rewards of the club.

Of course on the way to that goal you will be collecting standard rakeback weekly. Additional bonuses will be credited to you once you cross the treshold of 100 thousand points.

It is also worth noting that members of Diamond Club will have their own dedicated, working all day customer service via Skype.

*Every real-money cash game qualifies.

What does the room say of Diamond Club

Creating a program for players who play most was a priority for the new PartyPoker president, Mike Sexton. The main consultant on the project was also Patrick Leonard, professional player who joined the ranks of room's ambassadors last year. Leonard emphasizes that he joined PartyPoker, because he was ensured by the management that his new company will treat players as the most important element and invest in their community. Creation of Diamond Club is a crucial part of that strategy. We can also read that the room will be very friendly for high volume players, but not for bumhunters, who disappear as soon as they rob weaker players of their money

Tom Waters, Managing Director: „It's important to reward all our players. Diamond Club is another step in our new Cashback Program [PartyPoker introduced it on 23rd May]. Contribution of Patrick Leonard to the VIP program was really extraordinary. Thanks to him we are certain everything was done well. We have listened to players and thus we can be sure they will get what they need and want”.

Players who want to join the program should send an email at [email protected]. Their consultant will contact you within 24 hours.

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