A player aid developed by high stakes player skier_5 has come under intense debate started by the poker community and PokerStars.

Skier_5 has built a player aid programme that contains, but is not limited to, preflop charts that assist in decision making in many poker situations. According to one player that uses this software, skier_5 has rented the software out in exchange for a % of the profits, depending on the specific buy-in level that they play.

skierbot poker support programMany players are in rage about the use of the player aid, and have observed previously lower stakes or struggling players move up several buy-in levels in just a few months after using this player aid. They also have practically identical preflop stats. The players using the aid have not yet revealed all the details of how it works or what it exactly does.

Arguments for The Player Aid

Some players that use the software have defended its use. The main defense of using the player aid stems from PokerStars approval of their playing habits. PokerStars investigated and concluded that the players aren't breaking any rules. A secondary defense has been that the players still have to make some difficult decisions. A third defense has mentioned charts such as nash being allowed in play.

Arguments against The Player Aid

The main case against the player aid is that it helps essentially automate many decisions. The proof set forth is that players known to use this aid, such as allingirl777, freechdogg and skier_5 (though several others are rumored to use it), have nearly identical stats in many situations, particularly preflop areas with large samples. Many players believe this crosses a line of fair play.

In recent times, preflop HUSNG poker has often been the deciding factor between a regular that can stay and succeed at the $200-500 level and one that becomes a target and is forced to quit playing or move down in stakes. Essentially automating preflop decisions in a successful strategical way takes a lot of potential decision making out of the game and can alter the actual game that you're playing from human vs human HUSNG to something a little different.

Nash charts don't actually give advice based on actual HUSNG poker. The situation that nash covers assumes your opponent plays perfect, and in the small blind does not take into account realistic actions such as limping or minraising.

PokerStars‘ Position

The use of this player aid was reported to PokerStars in April 2015 by several players. PokerStars eventually ruled that the player methods were OK to use and did not violate the terms and conditions of the site.

Coffeeyay's Position

The automated decision making software made by Skier poses a massive threat to online players everywhere. Poker is about making decisions and playing against other humans who are making decisions. When you play against a player who is using Skier's software, you are not playing against that player but instead against the software. When I play online I do not want to play against software–that's why I'm not playing one of the many poker video games, or playing against one of the many publically available bots. I want to play against a human who has to make his decisions himself, who has to think on the fly sometimes under great stress. It puts players who use the software on an unlevel playing field because they do not have to do the work themselves, and they do not succumb to challenges like tilt and mental focus. This type of automated software threatens the fundamental aspects of the game we love, and it needs to be banned. Players are not allowed to use ICMIZER or Coffeecalcs while playing, so why should they be allowed to use automated decision making software that effectively does all the work for them?

Here is what player skier_5 had to say:

1) There is no automated decision software.

2) Poker is a competitive game so I’m sure all of you understand my unwillingness to go into further details or address specific points of the accusations.

3) As mentioned in the article Pokerstars did a thorough investigation and found us to be within the TOS. Ryan (owner of HUSNG.com) knows this and yet he still writes an article full of hyperbole based on guesses and wild accusations many of which are clearly not in line with the TOS of Pokerstars.

4) While it may be obvious to those involved in HUSNG, Ryan sells a variety of content and has a large stable of horses. Coffeeyay is basically a full-time coach who provides his students with numerous pre flop charts. I don’t think I need to point out the both the conflict of interest and the hypocrisy in this pointed attack.

5) Ryan came to me asking for a comment prior to publishing this article:
“I’m working on a story about the “controversy” surrounding your techniques/information
trying to have a balanced story that has the facts out there so that people can make a real judgement and not just hysteria (or out of context “bots” type stuff). I guess if you have an argument you'd like to share about why it should be OK, that would be ideal for me… what i plan to go with absent anything else is more along the lines of “nash type charts are allowed during play” i'm not sure that's maximally compelling though (and i will be mentioning that stars says it is OK, but you know that stuff is constantly changing)”

As you might expect, I’m not going to volunteer information for no reason, so I declined to comment. I’ll let you judge whether he followed through with the way he presented his intentions to me. I refer you to point 3.

6) I thank the few people with sense in this thread.

7) Given the above, could a mod please change the title of this thread to something more appropriate.

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