Home News Additional rakeback from PokerGround – check the best offer on the market

Additional rakeback from PokerGround – check the best offer on the market

Additional rakeback from PokerGround – check the best offer on the market

Today we have got something special for you. Did you know that playing at PartyPoker you can get additional rakeback from PokerGround? You want to know how to activate it? Be sure to read this article.

Let's start from saying that standard loyalty program at PartyPoker gives you maximum of 40% rakeback that is paid weekly. This is the base you begin with if you don't have an account created via PokerGround.

Thanks to our deal however you can receive rakeback of more than 60%, and its final value depends on how much rake you generate. It's the key to poker success. EVERYBODY can get extra cash. The only condition is registering at PartyPoker through PokerGround ( using this link or the code PG2013).

If you have an account but it is not connected to PG, then scroll down to the end of this article and we will tell you what to do.

To be able to get extrra rakeback, you must send an email to: [email protected] t should contain the following info:

  • e-mail address that your account at PartyPoker is registered to
  • e-mail address you want us to contact you at (can be the same as above)
  • nickname at PartyPoker (the same as login)
  • full name (as given in software)
  • (optional) if you have been recommended by another player, give us his/her nickname and his/her Skrill e-mail address.

On the very last day of a month you will receive confirmation of how much rakeback you have been given.

Reply to it and wait for money you have earned at PartyPoker till 17th day of each month (for previous one).

IMPORTANT! Extra rakeback is exclusively given to players who generated at least $100 rake in a month. Other players are not elligible for the bonus.

Special offer for those who rake $8000 monthly and more

Elite players can take part in PartyPoker's VIP Diamond Club, and this means +10% extra rakeback, so the base is now 50%.

What to do if your PartyPoker account has not been created via PG?

Write at [email protected] or our facebook, and we will see if your account can be connected to our trackers.

IMPORTANT! When calculating extra rakeback we take into consideration the rake you have really paid. $1=1 point. We do not include extra points from Happy Hour and other offers in which PartyPoker allows you to get more points for every dollar rake you pay.


New players that decide to open their accounts at PartyPoker with PokerGround (link), can expect extra privileges and bonuses:

  • bonus 100% up to $500
  • bonus worth 100% up to $500
  • a chance to play in invitation only events organized by us and our partners
  • possibility to get tracking programs such as HM2 or PT4
  • a chance to win PlayStation 4 system for free
  • 40% rakeback from software and for VIP Diamond Club members 50%
  • reload bonus worth 100% up to $500 – if such a need arises
  • rakeraces with packages to live tournaments

It's a great idea to jon forces with PokerGround while playing over at PartyPoker!

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